Thursday, December 24, 2015

Israel 2015

I finished inking the travel diary I kept while I was in Israel this summer. It was on a ten day Taglit trip. The first thing I did was make it into a small booklet that I sent my very Jewish grandmother because yes of course I had to.

While drawing it, I changed the appearances of those I spoke to. The first page was started in South Station while I was miserable and sweating profusely, waiting for my bus to New York City. I decided then and there to turn it into a travel diary.

Hal was one of the tour guides. Also, as drawn here,
everyone waded into the river in our clothes.

Tzfat was probably my favorite city.
It was certainly one of the coolest days there!

The first panel is an Havdalah candle and a wine cup.
You dip one into the other at the end of Shabbat.

The T-shirt the above 4-square box was put on
also has the names of everyone who went on the trip.

It really was way too hot for Masada.

Above, a hookah for cheroot.
The guide references the stabbing at the Jerusalem gay pride parade in late July.
The last panel is the bust of Yitzhak Rabin.

I debated going back and adding a panel where
I was actually in the act of swimming out to the big rock.

Below, a couple panels about the questions our group asked regarding the Taglit/Birthright program.
A lot of people like myself expressed the desire to try and stay politically objective regarding a very emotionally-charged trip.

And here's the keychain!

I'm still thinking a lot about the trip and what I saw.
Ten days is not a long 
time but while I've unpacked physically,
I don't think I have mentally, yet. The raw pages mean one thing to me now as I post them

but I'm not sure what they'll mean later.

Thank you for reading!