Monday, November 4, 2019

Hosting the Speculative Boston: Dark Fantastic Reading 10/28

Errick Nunnally, Bracken Macleod, and Isabel Yap read some chunks of their work on Thursday, October 24th and then I asked them questions! It was a lot of fun.

Many thanks to Andrea Corbin for her continued work running Speculative Boston and the WGBH forum for filming and editing the video below!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Satellite Futures, November 2nd and November 7th!

On Saturday, November 2nd at 7pm, come to a series of free plays put on by Catalyze Playwriting Group at the Mosesian Center for the Arts! I've been a member of Catalyze these past couple years and it's been immensely rewarding as an experience.

These short plays include my 10+ minute piece, "Real-Ass Space Explorers." (Yes, that's the title.) The roles will be read by David Olsen and Arianna Smith!
After you see some sweet short plays, you should then go to Flat Earth Theatre's production of Alistair McDowall's X! I'm so grateful to them for giving us this opportunity.

Enjoy the poster I threw together for this show!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

HAUNTED by a Busy October!

You know how, in August and September, you (okay, I) say things like, "Oh, I'll do this in October! It's such a far away month, October."

Imagine my surprise that October has turned out to be a busy month! Who could have foreseen this happenstance?

This Sunday, October 13th, 12-6pm, I'll be at the Black Market Flea in the Cambridge Community Center! I'll be selling my comics, poems, an RPG to which I've contributed, and fiction!

I'll have a lot of the material I had at LadiesCon last month there with me, but I'm hoping to have a new zine to share, as well.

If you don't come to gaze upon my wares, may I suggest gazing on the gorgeous art, books, posters, prints, and jewelry other vendors will be selling?

Later still this month, I'll be hosting another Speculative Boston Reading on Thursday, October 24th 7-9pm at Trident Booksellers & Cafe!

I'll be asking questions and presenting readings with authors Errick Nunnally, Bracken Macleod, and Isabel Yap, all of whom have dabbled in fiction with horrifying elements and all of whom, to my knowledge, are enormously warm and kind.

Many thanks to Andrea Corbin for her continued work running Speculative Boston and making a space for genre writers to share their work and talk about their experiences. You should help spread the word around the Boston area!

Now, less of an event and more of a hurray, recommend my most recently published short story, "Brigid Was Hung By Her Hair from the Second Story Window" (The Dark Magazine) in its Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction for September 2019! They call it "haunting," which is endlessly pleasing to me. I'm in good company, too, as the list also includes a short story from a fellow Clarion 2011 classmate I deeply admire, the sweet, aching “A Bird, a Song, a Revolution” by Brooke Bolander.

If I'm keeping good company in life and online, I must be doing something right.