Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clarion Notes: Day 0 (Into the Jungle)

Arrival time at UCSD campus: 1:30pm(ish?) which my Eastern Standard Time synced body informed me was 4:30, so I was ready for a nap.

Instead, I was given waivers to sign, a campus map, a packet of emergency numbers, and a handy, dandy planner.

Food: Pasta and salad for dinner after campus tour. The campus library (pictured) wants to be a tree when it grows up. Clarion stories of past attendees are on file from the 1960's to the present, there, free for perusal.

Homework: Critique three entry/portfolio stories of fellow students. Also, start piece for Wednesday.

Writing Update: I have a beginning! I think.

Verdict: Tired. I suspect, a very long time from now, I will not remember being tired my first day, just excited.