Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clarion Notes: Day 1 (I guess I am sticking with the list format, then.)

Today: Geisel Library, top floor, and its lovely view! Wrote things here while roommate edited.

Also, an adventure to and from Trader Joe's during dinner time that involved creative paths, walking along highways, through hotel parking lots, and over a fence. There was an incident with bananas which isn't half as exciting as those words would lead you to believe (one of the bananas was too ripe and split open).

Afterward, sat with some fellow students in the evening and wrote and edited our things. Beer was drunk, YouTube was played. Conversation can be very distracting from completing assignments.

Workshops: Fun! So fun. I've missed the classroom. The round robin is a delightful method of workshopping, with everyone feeding off each other's opinions and energy.

Food: Remains decent, college cafeteria fare. Hidden breakfast cereal section discovered. Will remember location for future tactical advantage in avoiding not-good food.

Homework: Critique three stories, continue working on Wednesday piece.

Writing Update: I have a middle-ish part happening.