Saturday, September 11, 2010


I posted a while back on Lolita and the book covers often chosen to accompany it.

Seems the idea is also interesting to others, specifically the Distressed Watcher over on That Guy With the Glasses. I recommend his video rumination on the covers used to market Vladmir Nobakov's most controversial book and how covers and packaging are used to market media in general.


For science-fiction enthusiasts strapped for cash, I suggest The Free SF Reader, a site devoted to finding free fantasy/sci-fi online.

The quality can vary between stories, but it's an excellent way to discover new authors without investing money in fiction you later realize you dislike. Definitely a must for free sample junkies.


An old favorite site of mine: SurLaLune Fairy Tales, a good site for fantasy nerds interested in the history behind modern fairy tales. I also suggest following the blog, an excellent resource for products and essays having to do with folklore.


The above image is John Maler Collier's Priestess of Delphi. His work has recently been featured on the blog, Underpaintings.