Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dailying and Patreoning

A collection of my sketches from unscanned artwork.
I updated my Patreon! Yay! The page is mostly a hope for a fail safe option should I begin to struggle with money (hurray, Late Stage Capitalism), but that situation has yet to happen.

Also, the creators I've been finding through it are fantastic.

If you want to kick a couple bucks my way there, cool! If not, that's also okay.

Since the 40 Days of Poems challenge, I've continued producing poems and flash pieces daily.

It's been awesome. So awesome, in fact, I decided to remove the monthly word counter from my blog. I had fallen behind using it, anyway (last update: February), and this seems to work a lot better for now. Hopefully, it continues!

Another place I've been updating a lot recently?


Enjoy some photos of my cat, selfies, and random graffiti! Or me with bed head! Hurray!