Monday, January 2, 2023

Arisia 2023 - The Return

Guess what, friends? It's time for Arisia 2023

The weekend of January 13-16, 2023, the biggest genre convention in New England is scheduled to make its return. 

And I signed up for panels!

Creeping Sense of Doom - Friday, 7pm - Writing, Panel - 1hr - Marina Ballroom 2 (2E)
Long before the monster strikes and the evil lurches into view, some authors excel at creating dread. How do you hint at the terror lurking just around the corner without spoiling the rest of the story? Panelists will explore the question of creating apprehension and foreboding in works of horror and other genres.
Kenneth Schneyer (m), Rachel A. Brune, Morgan Crooks, Gillian Daniels, Michelle C. Light

Revisionist Folk and Fairy Tales - Friday, 8:30pm - Literature, Panel - 1hr - Marina Ballroom 1 (2E)
Folk and fairy tales are our oldest forms of speculative fiction, and inventive retellings have long been popular reads. Get ready for a tour of pivotal works in this genre, as well as new and noteworthy contributions.
Gillian Daniels (m), Zareh Artinian, Siobhan Flanagan, Scratch, Trisha J. Wooldridge

Crafting Memorable Villains - Saturday, 11:30am - Writing, Panel - 1hr - Stone (2W)
It’s been said that every villain is the hero of their own story. Speculative Fiction is populated with compelling assassins, thieves, warlocks, con artists and jsut plain jerks, who are as complex and compelling as the protagonists they come up against. What makes villains and anti-heroes irresistible? Our panelists will share how to craft the perfect villain and explain why anti-heroes and villains are so important in their stories. Find out how much fun it can be to give in to the dark side!
Gillian Daniels (m), Michael C. Bailey, M. Dalto, Kristin Janz, Justine Manzano, W.B.J. Williams

Superman and Religion - Saturday, 8:30pm - Comics, Panel - 1hr - Burroughs (3E)
Superman remains a fascinating figure in American mythology: As an often Christlike figure (who worships a Kryptonian sun deity), created by two Jewish sons of immigrants, the Man of Steel also includes elements from the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh. Is Superman plausible as a defender-of-all-faiths, or does he “belong” to any one faith? Our panelists will consider both historical and recent storylines.
Gillian Daniels (m), Benjamin Chicka, Siobhan Flanagan, Troy Minkowsky, Daniel Neff, A. Joseph Ross