Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Times Being What They Are

In early May, my great uncle, Jay Sherman Daniels, passed from COVID-19 after a quick, terrible illness. I continue to be shocked that the pandemic has touched my family.

My uncle was a kind, sociable mensch. He was in his nineties and living in an assisted living situation when he contracted the virus. It's heartbreaking that, due to the nature of the coronavirus, my cousins, his children, couldn't be there with him when he passed. My gratitude to the nurses who were there.

Please keep each other safe. If you need to go out, please do, but take precautions to protect the people you know (and the people they know). We're in for a strange year and the shadow of this pandemic may loom large after that.


My 32nd birthday was also this month. After throwing parties in my house for my 30th and 31st birthdays, at the beginning of the year, I was ready for a quieter birthday. I didn't realize it would be this quiet. I appreciated being able to take a day off of work (from home) and to chat with friends over Jackbox and family over various chat apps. It felt almost normal.

I sold a couple stories this month, as well, as if this weren't enough of a strange year! I'm excited about that. Details for those will be forthcoming.