Thursday, January 4, 2018

Arisia 2018 Schedule!

Arisia 2018 dawns, January 12-15 in the Westin Boston Waterfront! 

Want to find me there? Well, I'm going to be on seven panels! Including readings!

And moderating a lot.

A lot.

I recommend accessing the online scheduler via your smart phone's web browser of choice. See you at the con!


SFF of Resistance
Marina 2 (2E), 8:30pm - 9:45pm
Tracks: Literature
Types: Panel

In a time of rising authoritarianism around the world, many of us turn to stories as an escape from the grim parade of daily news. But there is more than escape in SFF, there are strategies, inspiration, and hope for a better, freer future. In this panel we will look at the stories that prepare us to face power, and show us the ways we might proceed.

Disclaimer: Not the author, please don't sue me
Faneuil (3W), 10pm - 11:15pm
Tracks: Fan Interest
Types: Panel

Gillian Daniels (moderator), Feklar42, William Frank, Lee C. Hillman (Gwendolyn Grace)

Disclaimers used to be almost universal on fanfiction. Now, they’re basically non-existent. How has fandom’s understanding of itself and the role of fanworks in relation to the original work changed over time? We’ll also talk about some of the actual legalities at play, regarding copyright and Fair Use, and how and if fandom’s understanding of those issues has changed, as well.


Sexuality & the Superheroine Redux
Faneuil (3W), 8:30pm - 9:45pm
Tracks: Comics
Types: Panel
Gillian Daniels (moderator), Jet Levy, Donna Martinez, Ed Fuqua

A lot of the debate around female characters in comics centers around their sexuality. It’s a contentious issue: can these characters truly have agency? What does it mean for a female character created and written by men to “own” her sexuality? Is there a difference between “empowered” fishnets and “degrading” ones, in the context of superhero comics? Can a fictional character be slut-shamed? Let's tackle these questions and more!


Marvel Cinematic and TV Universe, 2017 Edition

Burroughs (3E), 1pm - 2:15pm
Tracks: Media
Types: Panel
Troy Minkowsky (moderator), Naomi Hinchen, Ed Fuqua, Ryan Pagella, Gillian Daniels

In 2017, we saw three theatrical releases (*Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2*, *Spider-Man: Homecoming*, and *Thor: Ragnarok*), two network TV shows (*Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.* and *Inhumans*), and three Netflix series (*Iron Fist*, *The Defenders*, and *The Punisher*) from the MCU, easily the most in such a short time to date. Can Marvel keep going at this pace? Come discuss what we saw and speculate where we're going!

Speculative Fiction Reading
Hale (3W), 2:30pm - 3:45pm
Tracks: Literature
Types: Reading
Jess Barber, A.J. Odasso, April Grant, Gillian Daniels

Authors will be reading their own original works from across the genre of speculative fiction.

Wonder Woman: All the World Was Waiting For You
Faneuil (3W), 5:30pm - 6:45pm
Tracks: Media
Types: Panel
Gillian Daniels (moderator), Liz Salazar, Heather Urbanski, Donna Martinez, Woodrow Hill

2017's long-anticipated *Wonder Woman*, the first major theatrical motion picture adaptation of a female superhero in over a decade, instantly connected with audiences who had been waiting years to finally see a hero with whom they could identify. Come share your insights on what the film meant to you, where you'd like to see the story go, and just be amazed at the idea that it turns out they can make good, fun movies about DC properties after all.


Spec Poetry Reading
Marina 1 (2E), 11:30am - 12:45pm
Tracks: Literature
Types: Panel