Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Arisia 2024!

New year, new Arisia, January 12-15!

Here's where I'll be. See you there!

8:30pm Friday

Barbie and Poor Things: What Was I Made For? - Media, Panel - 1hr - Alcott (3W)

An artificially-created woman leaves the safety of home to experience the “real world,” where she learns of patriarchal oppression and undergoes a personal reckoning over what it means to live as a woman in such a world. This describes both the mega-blockbuster Barbie and the acclaimed Frankenstein riff Poor Things. Forget Barbenheimer: THIS is award season’s most fascinating double feature.

7:00pm Saturday

Can James Gunn Save DC Films? - Media, Panel - 1hr - Marina 2 (2E)

2023 saw the last entries in the universe formerly known as the “Snyderverse.” All bombed at the box office and, aside from the under-marketed Blue Beetle, with critics (note: this panel description was written pre-Aquaman 2... but it would be shocking if that’s not a disaster, right?). But there is hope on the horizon, with James Gunn rebooting the whole DC Universe. Can he pull it off?

8:30pm Saturday

Saturday Night Readings - Literature, Reading - 1hr - Faneuil (3W)

Join some of Arisia’s wonderful authors, while they read from their own work.