Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Boskone 60: 2023

Look, y'all! It's Boskone 60! And February 17-19, I'll be on some panels.

I'll be moderating two of three said panels. One involves discussing Neil Gaiman's The Sandman with, among other talented individuals, Boskone Guest of Honor Nalo Hopkinson! I'm also thrilled to be discussing Shirley Jackson with other enthusiasts including fellow CSFW writer, F. Brett Cox!

What Makes Sandman Work? Harbor 2, Fiction, Literature, Panel, Fri 4:00 PM  

Brad Abraham, Brenda Clough, Gillian Lynn Daniels (moderator), Jennifer Marie Brissett, Nalo Hopkinson

Sandman has been a fan favorite for years. Few thought it was possible to bring it to film successfully, but Netflix has put doubt to the test (and rest?). Let's talk about what makes Sandman work so well in all of its mediums, noting what works, what doesn't, and what we are most looking forward to in future Sandman adaptations.

Casting Your Lot with Shirley Jackson Harbor 2, Fiction, Literature, Panel, Sat 4:00 PM

Chris Panatier, F. Brett Cox, Gillian Lynn Daniels (moderator), Katherine Arden, Mike Allen

From The Lottery to The Haunting of Hill House, Shirley Jackson has inspired writers inside and outside of the horror genre and in the process, shaped the genre. We look at how she turns ordinary moments into extraordinary fiction. What more is there to her work and her legacy? Does she continue to inspire and shape horror today?

A Muddle of Mad Scientists Marina 4, Fiction, Literature, Panel, Sat 7:00 PM

Chad Childers (moderator), Gillian Lynn Daniels, Michael M. Jones, Sharon Lee

From Faust to Dr. Horrible, genre fiction is filled with crazily creative geniuses. Why do we love them? What makes the mad scientist character so appealing in horror, comedy, and everything in between? Join us for a mad, mad discussion featuring some of our favorite screwy scientists and inventors from the past, present, and future.