Friday, May 14, 2010

Further Adventures from my Bookshelf

By revealing to someone what you haven't read (yet), you are always in grave danger of revealing your ignorance.

Then again, I try not to pretend I'm something other than I'm not, and a book hoarder isn't the worst thing in the world, right?

("Right," everyone says, nodding in approval. "You are obviously intelligent and cool and not at all talking to yourself by writing this.")

So, here's more of my literary to-do list!

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
Purchased at a thrift store on a friend's recommendation. It will be read, don't worry; it's aimed at a YA audience, it looks short, and it looks fun.

The Yacoubian Building by Alaa Al Aswany
Egyptian literature! (This was a gift and certainly a good one; might be read soon.)

The Death of Vishnu by Manil Suri
Published with an eerily similar cover to The Yacoubian Building. I know I bought this because a professor recommended it to me sophomore year but I have no recollection of finishing it!

The Hounds of the Morrigan by Pat O'Shea
Like Artemis Fowl, this one is YA. It was definitely purchased because of the cover. I mean, look at it! Isn't that a neat illustration? It's probably from a famous painting I know nothing about. Not Frazetta, but very nice to look at.

Fantasy Stories
Chosen by Diana Wynne Jones
Purchased at used bookstore. I despaired when I arrived home and realized it was a book of stories chosen by Jones, not be her. I was blinded by literary lust, no doubt!